Earth & Space Science Full Year Lab Bundle



This bundle includes a full year’s worth of editable, inquiry-based and differentiated laboratory assignments.

Earth and Space Science is a laboratory course that covers the study of our planet Earth and its neighbors in space. Students will take on the role of Earth Scientists while examining the following scientific branches in detail: Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, and Oceanography. Lab assignments provide students with hands-on opportunities to practice skills and enhance their understanding of newly learned concepts.

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The following resources are included in this bundle:

  • Earth Science Full Year Labs & Materials Spreadsheet

Introduction to Earth and Space Science

  • Scientific Method M&M Lab
  • “Saving Sam” Scientific Method Lab
  • Problem Solving, Scientific Method & Density Lab & Answer Key
  • Graph Analysis Lab & Answer Key
  • Design Your Own Graph Lab
  • Shoebox Observation Lab & Answer Key
  • Density Lab


Earth’s Dimensions and Navigations

  • The Earth’s Shape Lab & Answer Key
  • Latitude & Longitude Lab & Answer Key
  • Time Zones Lab & Answer Key
  • Topographic Maps Lab & Answer Key


Studying Space

  • Introduction to Astronomy Lab & Answer Key
  • Earth’s Motions Lab & Answer Key
  • Path of Sun Lab & Answer Key


Our Solar System

  • Scale Model of the Solar System Lab & Answer Key
  • Scale Model of the Solar System Lab Data Cards
  • Ellipses Lab & Answer Key
  • The Moon Lab & Answer Key
  • Bay of Fundy Lab & Answer Key


Stars and the Universe

  • Hertzsprung-Russell (H-R) Diagram Lab & Answer Key
  • Life Cycle of a Star Lab & Answer Key


The Atmosphere

  • Layers of the Atmosphere Lab & Answer Key
  • Heat Transfer by Conduction Lab & Answer Key
  • Heat Transfer in the Atmosphere Lab & Answer Key
  • Specific Heat Lab & Answer Key
  • Coastal & Continental Temperature Ranges Lab & Answer Key
  • Dew Point, Relative Humidity & Cloud Formation Lab & Answer Key



  • High vs. Low Pressure Systems Lab & Answer Key
  • Hurricane Tracking Lab & Answer Key
  • Weather Observations Lab & Answer Key


Rocks & Minerals

  • Mineral Identification Lab, Report Sheet & Answer Key
  • Identifying Rocks Lab & Answer Key


Earth’s Dynamic Crust & Interior

  • Patterns of Crustal Activity Lab & Answer Key
  • Snack Tectonics Lab & Answer Key
  • Modified Mercalli Scale Lab & Answer Key


Earth’s Surface Processes

  • Sugar Cube Weathering Lab
  • How Clean Is Your Water? Lab & Answer Key


Geologic History

  • Radioactive Decay of Candium Lab & Answer Key
  • Sequence of Events Lab & Answer Key
  • Geologic Time Lab & Answer Key
  • Index Fossils Lab & Answer Key


*Bonus Resources (Freebies)*

  • Lab Safety PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Lab Safety Contract
  • Lab Safety Practice Activity
  • Lab Safety Story Activity & Answer Key
  • Lab Safety Challenge: Navigating the Hazards & Answer Key
  • Lab Safety Practice Quiz & Answer Key


Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 525+
Teaching Duration: 1 Year


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