Efficiency of Fossil Fuels Lab



This hands-on Efficiency of Fossil Fuels Lab experiment will stimulate your students’ curiosity and critical thinking while delving into the fascinating world of fossil fuel efficiency. As students engage with this lab, they will grasp the essential concepts behind fossil fuel formation and how it influences energy output.
Students will investigate and analyze the burning times of two vital fossil fuels – charcoal and bituminous coal. By understanding the time it takes for these fuels to release their stored energy, your students will appreciate the real-world implications of fuel efficiency.
Your students will also examine and compare the amounts of residue produced during the burning of charcoal and bituminous coal. This hands-on experimentation will emphasize the environmental and practical aspects of energy production.
As they gather data and draw conclusions, students will be empowered to make informed inferences about the efficiency of these fossil fuels. They’ll uncover which fuel source is more efficient and the factors contributing to this conclusion.
  • Ring stand with ring
  • Pipe-stem triangle
  • Crucibles (2)
  • Bunsen burner
  • Triple-beam balance
  • Metric ruler
  • Bituminous coal sample
  • Newspaper
  • Hammer
  • Matches or striker
  • Timer
  • Tongs
  • Hot pad
  • Charcoal briquette
  • Goggles
Whether you teach middle or high school students, this lab is adaptable to different grade levels, making it a versatile addition to your curriculum.
An answer key is included as well.

Grade Levels: 8th – 12th
Total Pages: 12
Teaching Duration: 60 Minutes


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