Oil Spill Cleanup Simulation Presentation & Lab



This immersive Oil Spill Cleanup Simulation Presentation & Lab takes students into the heart of one of the most pressing global issues – oil spills. It provides an opportunity for students to dive into the complexities of oil spill cleanup, fostering a holistic understanding of the impact on marine ecosystems, wildlife, and coastal communities.
Your students will be actively engaged in conducting experiments, evaluating cleanup materials, and developing comprehensive cleanup plans. This lab encourages critical thinking as they weigh the effectiveness of materials against their potential environmental impact.
Whether you teach middle or high school students, this lab is adaptable to different grade levels, making it a versatile addition to your curriculum.
An answer key is included as well.
Materials: Per group:
  • beaker (250 mL)
  • cake pan (large, rectangular)
  • clock or watch
  • containers or bowls, small (2)
  • cooking oil (100 mL)
  • feathers
  • gravel or sand
  • measuring spoon
  • pipe cleaners
  • water
Potential cleanup materials:
  • spoons
  • craft sticks
  • toothpicks
  • dip nets
  • drinking straws
  • plastic wrap
  • aluminum foil
  • pieces of plastic foam
  • string
  • pieces of brown paper bag
  • cotton balls
  • pieces of nylon stocking
  • pieces of sponge
  • paper towels
  • coffee filters
  • cloth 
  • wood shavings 
  • sawdust
  • liquid detergent
  • cat litter
  • baking soda
  • flour
  • vinegar


Grade Levels: 8th – 12th
Total Pages: 24
Teaching Duration: 60 Minutes


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