Phase Changes of Water Presentation & Guided Notes




Immerse your students in the captivating world of water’s phase changes with this Phase Changes of Water Presentation and Guide Notes, a high-quality resource centered around the essential question, “How does the atmosphere store energy?” This comprehensive educational tool provides a deep dive into the intricate processes that govern water’s various states and the energy dynamics involved.


Throughout the presentation, students explore topics such as the phases of water, including its solid, liquid, and gas states. Dive into concepts of heating and cooling, energy changes, latent heat, sublimation, deposition, and the water cycle.


Designed to fit seamlessly into your curriculum, the presentation is estimated to take approximately 25 minutes of class time. Guided notes, along with engaging questions and answers, accompany the presentation, ensuring active student participation.




  • 31-Slide PowerPoint Presentation
  • 6-Page Guided Notes (Editable Google Docs)

Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 37
Teaching Duration: 25 Minutes


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