Earth’s Atmosphere Review & Assessments



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Assessments are evaluative tools used to gather relevant information about student performance, level of comprehension and progress. The following study guides and assessments are designed in a differentiated manner based on the Earth’s Atmosphere unit.

  • Characteristics of the Atmosphere Quizzes (three versions) & Answer Keys
  • Global Warming Quiz & Answer Key
  • Heat Transfer Quiz & Answer Key
  • Phase Changes of Water Quiz & Answer Key
  • Convection Currents, Land & Sea Breezes Quiz & Answer Key
  • Global Winds Quiz & Answer Key
  • Dew Point, Relative Humidity & Clouds Quizzes (two versions) & Answer Keys
  • Global Climate Factors Quiz & Answer Key
  • Earth’s Atmosphere Study Guides (three versions)
  • Our Atmosphere Unit Exam & Answer Key


Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 70+
Teaching Duration: 2 Weeks

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