Easter Island Unit



Throughout this no-prep unit, students investigate the following essential question, “Can the story of Easter Island serve as a cautionary tale for the planet as a whole?” They are introduced to a society which was met with a completely horrific and unavoidable fate. Through the use of videos, stories, and discussions, students connect with the people of Easter Island and reflect on their own ecological footprints.

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In the blink of an eye, the people of Easter Island turned what was once a flourishing and habitable civilization into a complete wasteland. They wiped out their forest, overexploited their plant and animal species, and saw their complex society spiral into chaos and cannibalism. Are we about to follow their lead?

The following resources are included in this unit:

  • Unit Pacing Guide
  • Easter Island Lesson Plan
  • Easter Island Reading by Jared Diamond
  • Easter Island Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Easter Island Discussion Questions & Answer Key
  • Easter Island Quiz & Answer Key
  • Easter Island Writing Assignment


Grade Levels: 7th – 12th
Total Pages: 25+
Teaching Duration: 4 Days

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