Environmental Science Photographic Scavenger Hunt Project



Throughout this project, students will create an illustrated Environmental Science glossary using their original photographs to illustrate important concepts and terms from the course. You can choose to make this project last one month, one semester, or even the full school year.


Environmental Science is constantly around us! Many of the concepts and terms that we study in Environmental Science are easy to find in our environment. Environmental Science is something best experienced in the field and being outdoors. The purpose of this project is to get students outside so they, as Environmental Scientists, can see first hand many of the things we discuss in class.


Every year our students look forward to completing this project. They recall seeing their peers and siblings complete it in previous years and become giddy the moment we introduce it in class. The amount of pride they exude while presenting their completed work to their peers, parents, other teachers, etc. is palpable and makes their hard work and dedication completely worth it.


A detailed rubric is included, making the expectations clear for students and making the grading process seamless for educators.


Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 17
Teaching Duration: 1 Year

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