Niches and Habitats Presentation & Guided Notes



This Niches and Habitats Presentation and Guided Notes is designed to provide educators with a dynamic tool for unraveling the intricacies of niches and habitats in the natural world. This high-quality resource is centered around the essential question: “How does an organism’s niche differ from its habitat?”


Delve into the rich content of this presentation, examining the distinctions between an organism’s niche and its habitat. Explore how species interact with their environments, adapt to specific roles, and carve out their ecological niches. The presentation covers key concepts, including competition, predation, and the delicate balance that sustains biodiversity.


Efficiently integrated into your curriculum, the presentation is estimated to take approximately 25 minutes of class time. Guided notes accompany the presentation, allowing students to actively participate and reinforce their learning by filling in essential information. This resource not only imparts knowledge but also fosters critical thinking about the intricate relationships within ecosystems.


Elevate your science curriculum with the Niches and Habitats Presentation & Guided Notes. Equip your students with the understanding to analyze and differentiate between niches and habitats, fostering a deeper appreciation for the complexity of ecological systems. This resource empowers students to comprehend the delicate balance of nature and its relevance to environmental science, preparing them for a future where ecological awareness is crucial.




  • 32-Slide PowerPoint Presentation
  • 6-Page Guided Notes (Editable Google Docs)


Grade Levels: 6th – 10th
Total Pages: 38
Teaching Duration: 25 Minutes


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