Tragedy of the Commons Unit



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Immerse your students in the exploration of shared resources and environmental stewardship with this Tragedy of the Commons Unit. This low-prep unit invites students to delve into the essential question: “What is the tragedy of the commons?”


An indispensable component of any environmental science curriculum, this unit navigates the complex interplay between individual and collective interests in resource management. Students not only grapple with the concept of the tragedy of the commons but also explore real-world examples, fostering a deep understanding of the challenges and solutions associated with sustainable resource use. Equip your students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to address environmental issues and contribute to a more sustainable future.



  • Unit Pacing Guide
  • Tragedy of the Commons Lesson Plan
  • Tragedy of the Commons Background Information Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Tragedy of the Commons TedEd Video Questions & Answer Key
  • Tragedy of the Commons “Smurf” Activity & Answer Key
  • Tragedy of the Commons Fishing Lab & Answer Key
  • Tragedy of the Commons Quiz & Answer Key
  • Tragedy of the Commons Reflection Activity


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Grade Levels: 8th – 12th
Total Pages: 25+
Teaching Duration: 4 days


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