Global Climate Factors Unit



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Embark on an exploration of the intricate factors shaping our planet’s climate with this high-quality resource, the Global Climate Factors Unit. This no-prep unit invites students to delve into the essential question: “What natural factors influence our climate?” Through engaging lessons and activities, learners unravel the key elements that contribute to the complex tapestry of Earth’s climatic conditions.


In this comprehensive unit, students focus on six main factors that play a pivotal role in shaping global climates. These include latitude, planetary wind belts, mountains as barriers, elevation, ocean currents, and proximity to a large body of water. By studying these influential components, students gain a nuanced understanding of the diverse climates across the globe.


The Global Climate Factors Unit not only equips students with essential knowledge but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the interconnected and dynamic nature of Earth’s climate systems.



  • Unit Pacing Guide
  • Global Climate Factors Lesson Plan
  • Global Climate Factors PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Global Climate Factors Practice Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Global Climate Factors Practice Packet & Answer Key
  • Global Climate Factors Quiz & Answer Key
  • Surface Ocean Currents Map
  • Planetary Wind and Moisture Belts in the Troposphere Diagram


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Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 50+
Teaching Duration: 2 Days


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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Allison C. says, “This unit was great in my room. It really helped my students understand the concept.”


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