Land Use, Urbanization & Sprawl Unit



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This in-depth Land Use, Urbanization & Sprawl Unit is a comprehensive resource essential for your environmental science curriculum. The activities included will enrich your curriculum by providing a comprehensive, interactive, and thought-provoking exploration of land use, urbanization, and sustainability.


These high-quality resources addresses critical ecological concepts but also provides students with a holistic understanding of how human activities shape and transform the environment.


By examining the complexities of land use, urban development, and sustainable practices, students gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with human-environment interactions. Equipping students with this knowledge is crucial for fostering environmental awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility for sustainable practices, making this unit an indispensable addition to your curriculum.


► This three-week long unit challenges students to research the following essential questions:

  • “How do humans make use of the land we live on?”
  • “How do the effects of urbanization lead to sprawl?”
  • “How are maps used to represent urban sprawl and the factors that cause sprawl?”
  • “How does our community utilize different methods of transportation?”
  • “What are the characteristics of a sustainable city?”



  • Unit Pacing Guide
  • Land Use and Urbanization Lesson Plan
  • “Growing Pains in Portland, Oregon” Activity & Answer Key
  • Land Use and Urbanization Practice Packet & Answer Key
  • Land Use and Urbanization Quizzes (two versions) & Answer Keys
  • Sprawl Lesson Plan
  • Sprawl PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Sprawl Review Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Sprawl WebQuest & Answer Key
  • Urbanization & Sprawl Quiz & Answer Key
  • Understanding Urban Sprawl Through Mapping Lab & Answer Key
  • Environmental Impact of Transportation Lab & Answer Key
  • NYC High Line PowerPoint Presentation
  • Sustainable Cities Lesson Plan
  • Sustainable Cities PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Sustainable Cities Practice Packet & Answer Key
  • Sustainable Urban Development Case Studies Activity & Answer Key
  • Sustainable Cities Quiz & Answer Key
  • Costs and Benefits of Sustainable Schools Lab & Answer Key
  • Land Use and Urbanization Unit Review Guide
  • Land Use and Urbanization Unit Exam & Answer Key


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Grade Levels: 8th – 12th
Total Pages: 185+
Teaching Duration: 3 Weeks


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