Predicting Population Growth Presentation & Guided Notes



Explore the intricate dynamics of global population trends with this Predicting Population Growth Presentation and Guided Notes, a high-quality resource centered around the essential question, “How might the human population’s growth rate change in the future?” This educational tool encourages students to delve into the fascinating realm of population forecasting, equipping them with insights into the potential trajectories of our global community.


The presentation covers essential concepts such as demographic transition models, factors influencing population growth rates, and the consequential implications for our future. Students explore how fertility rate, age structure, sex ratios, the demographic transition and social factors help demographers predict population growth.


The estimated 20-minute presentation is thoughtfully crafted to captivate students’ attention and spark curiosity. Paired with guided notes, students actively engage in the learning process, filling in key information as they follow along.



  • 23-Slide PowerPoint Presentation
  • 6-Page Guided Notes (Editable Google Docs)


Grade Levels: 8th – 12th
Total Pages: 29
Teaching Duration: 20 Minutes


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