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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos with this Studying Space Unit Bundle – a comprehensive resource crafted for educators seeking to inspire a profound understanding of space sciences. Whether you’re a seasoned instructor or a new educator eager to infuse vitality into your curriculum, this bundle is tailored to meet your needs. Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), it promises to enrich your students’ learning experiences through captivating lesson plans and hands-on activities.


Foster a sense of wonder and curiosity as you guide your students through the wonders of the universe, exploring the mechanics of planetary motion, unraveling the secrets behind the changing seasons, and tracing the mesmerizing path of our Sun.


Why Choose This Bundle:

✅ 20% savings on this comprehensive bundle!

✅ Growing bundle—receive new resources added for free!

✅ Aligned with NGSS for a seamless fit into your science lesson plans

✅ Engaging activities, assignments, and presentations to enhance student learning

✅ Bonus resources, including Studying Space Unit Review Guide, Unit Exam, Answer Key and Unit Pacing Guide


With this bundle, ignite a passion for space exploration in your classroom and watch as your students embark on an educational voyage like never before.







  • Review Guide
  • Unit Exam and Answer Key
  • Unit Pacing Guide


Grade Levels: 7th – 12th
Total Pages: 265+
Teaching Duration: 3 Weeks


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