Studying Space Unit Bundle



Save 20% on this Introduction to Astronomy bundle, which includes the first three-week’s worth of resources for an Astronomy curriculum.

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The essential questions covered in these lessons are as follows,

  • What is Astronomy?
  • What pieces of evidence do astronomers use to prove Earth is rotating and revolving?
  • How does the tilt of Earth’s axis and Earth’s movement cause seasons?
  • How does the daily path of the sun change with the seasons?


The following items are included in this bundle:

Introduction to Astronomy (Rotation & Revolution) Unit

  • Introduction to Astronomy Lesson Plan
  • Introduction to Astronomy Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Introduction to Astronomy PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • To Space or Not to Space Writing Assignment, Teacher Notes & Rubric
  • Hubble Space Telescope Activity
  • Rotation/Revolution Lesson Plan
  • Rotation/Revolution PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Evidence of Earth’s Rotation Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Introduction to Astronomy Lab & Answer Key
  • Rotation/Revolution Quiz & Answer Key

Reasons for Seasons Unit

  • Reasons for Seasons Lesson Plans
  • Reasons for Seasons PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Earth’s Revolution Practice Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Earth’s Rotation & Revolution Lab & Answer Key
  • Seasons Practice Worksheets (three versions) & Answer Keys
  • Seasons Quiz & Answer Key (two versions)

The Path of Our Sun (Seasons) Unit

  • Path of Sun PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Path of Sun Reading Comprehension Activity & Answer Key
  • Path of Sun Lab & Answer Key
  • Path of Sun Quiz & Answer Key


  • Studying Space Unit Test Review Guide & Answer Key
  • Studying Space Unit Exam, Answer Booklet & Answer Key
  • Unit Pacing Guide


Grade Levels: 7th – 12th
Total Pages: 235+
Teaching Duration: 3 Weeks

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