Sustainability During the Holidays Student Activity Bundle



‘Tis the season to make a difference, and what better way to inspire your students than with this comprehensive Sustainability During the Holidays Student Activity Bundle.


This bundle includes the following engaging activities:


  • Holiday Light Pollution Activity – Dive into the fascinating world of light pollution and its impact on the environment. Your students will explore ways to enjoy festive lighting while minimizing light pollution’s adverse effects on the night sky and wildlife.
  • Waste Reduction During the Holidays Activity – This activity guides your students through the process of reducing waste during the holiday season. From creative gift-wrapping ideas to strategies for repurposing materials, your class will discover how to celebrate sustainably.
  • The Impact of Christmas Trees Activity – Uncover the ecological footprint of Christmas tree production and help students make informed choices about real vs. artificial trees. This activity encourages critical thinking about holiday traditions.
  • Sustainable Holiday Decorations Activity – Let your students unleash their creativity with eco-friendly holiday decoration ideas. From homemade ornaments to reusable décor, this activity will inspire a new generation of sustainable decorators.
  • Holiday Energy Efficiency Activity – Teach your students about the importance of energy conservation during the holidays. This activity provides practical tips for reducing energy consumption while still enjoying a beautifully lit holiday season.


Grade Levels: 7th – 12th
Total Pages: 50
Teaching Duration: 1 Week


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