Terrestrial Biomes Virtual Field Trip



Embark on an educational journey without leaving the classroom with this Terrestrial Biomes Virtual Field Trip. This high-quality resource allows students to take a Virtual Field Trip to diverse locations worldwide, immersing themselves in the distinct characteristics of various terrestrial biomes. From the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia to the vibrant ecosystems of Central America, the arid expanses of Africa, and the varied terrain of North America, students explore the unique species that inhabit these regions and gain a visceral understanding of how climate shapes each biome.


Geared toward middle and high school students, this Terrestrial Biomes Virtual Field Trip is a valuable addition to any science curriculum. It provides an interactive and visually engaging experience, enhancing students’ comprehension of ecological concepts, biodiversity, and the impact of climate on different ecosystems.


By incorporating this resource, educators can bring real-world examples into the classroom, fostering a deeper connection to environmental science and promoting a sense of global awareness among students. Make science come alive as students virtually traverse the globe to explore the wonders of terrestrial biomes.


Grade Levels: 5th – 12th
Total Pages: 35+
Teaching Duration: 45 Minutes


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