Earth’s Dynamic Crust & Interior Vocabulary Word Wall Cards



This Earth’s Dynamic Crust & Interior word wall set features:

  • 62 vocabulary terms from the Earth’s Dynamic Crust & Interior unit
  • Relevant and age-appropriate definitions for each term
  • Highly-engaging and applicable images for each term
  • Alphabetized terms in PDF and editable formats
  • Blank cards should you choose to add additional terms

Vocabulary word wall cards are a fantastic way to enrich any classroom experience for students. Some choose to introduce these cards a few at a time, while others use them as a decorative border around the perimeter of their classroom.

Why use word walls?

  • They provide a permanent model for high frequency words.
  • They help students see patterns and relationships in words, thus building phonics and spelling skills.
  • They provide reference support for students during reading and writing activities.
  • When paired with images and definitions, they enhance recall abilities.


Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 75+

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