Interpreting Dinosaur Tracks Activity



Step into the shoes of a paleontologist with this Interpreting Dinosaur Tracks Activity, a captivating and open-ended creative writing assignment that invites students to unleash their imagination. In this unique activity, students embark on a journey of discovery as they assume the roles of paleontologists and craft short stories based on a series of fossilized dinosaur footprints. These imprints, preserved in sedimentary rock layers, serve as intriguing clues for reconstructing the size, structure, and behaviors of ancient life forms, challenging students to think critically about the mysteries of the prehistoric world.


An ideal addition to middle and high school Earth Science curricula, this activity not only sparks creativity but also hones scientific reasoning skills. By delving into the interpretative aspects of paleontology, students develop a deeper understanding of how scientists construct knowledge about ancient life.


Teacher notes and probing questions are included to guide students through the activity, making it accessible for a range of imaginative abilities and ensuring educators have the necessary tools for effective implementation. The Interpreting Dinosaur Tracks Activity promises to transform your classroom into a hub of scientific exploration and storytelling.



  • Student activity
  • Teacher notes


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Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 3
Teaching Duration: 1 Hour


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