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Embark on an exciting exploration of our cosmic neighborhood with this Solar System Unit Bundle—an essential resource crafted for educators, both seasoned and new. Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), this bundle is carefully designed to enhance your science curriculum, offering engaging lesson plans that make the wonders of the solar system come alive in the classroom.


Immerse your students in the celestial realms with modules covering the planets, solar system dynamics, ellipses, eccentricity, Kepler’s Laws, our moon, and the captivating phenomena of eclipses and tides.


Why Choose This Bundle:

✅ 20% savings on this comprehensive bundle!

✅ Growing bundle—receive new resources added for free!

✅ Aligned with NGSS for a seamless fit into your science lesson plans

✅ Engaging activities, assignments, and presentations to enhance student learning

✅ Bonus resources, including Solar System Topics Guide, Review Guide, Answer Key, Solar System Exam, Answer Booklet, Answer Key, and Unit Pacing Guide


From unraveling the mysteries of planetary motion to exploring the gravitational dance of celestial bodies, this comprehensive bundle provides educators with the tools to foster a deep and lasting fascination with the intricacies of our solar system. Watch as your students embark on a cosmic journey, gaining a profound understanding of the celestial forces that shape our universe.





  • Our Solar System Topics Guide
  • Our Solar System Review Guide & Answer Key
  • Our Solar System Exam, Answer Booklet & Answer Key
  • Unit Pacing Guide



Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 490+
Teaching Duration: 1 Month


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