Toward A Sustainable Future Unit Bundle



Save 20% on this bundle, which includes three-months‘ worth of resources that focus on fundamental sustainability topics for all Environmental Science courses. Access a preview of this resource here.

Living a sustainable lifestyle involves a practical philosophy, which aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact. Such a lifestyle makes positive changes on the environment, which counteracts climate change and other negative environmental concerns.

The following resources are included in this bundle:

Introduction to Sustainability: The Lorax

  • “Introduction to Sustainability: The Lorax” Lesson Plan
  • The Lorax Book & Movie Packet
  • The Lorax Quiz & Answer Key
  • The Lorax Differentiated Extension Assignment & Rubric

Climate Change Unit

  • Our Dynamic Climate Lesson Plan
  • Our Dynamic Climate PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Climate Change Practice Packet & Answer Key
  • Effects of Climate Change Lesson Plan
  • Effects of Climate Change PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Tracking CO2 and Temperature Lesson Plan
  • Tracking CO2 and Temperature Lab & Answer Key
  • Climate Change Quiz & Answer Key
  • Additional Version of Climate Change Quiz
  • Climate Clues in Ice Lesson Plan
  • Climate Clues in Ice Reading Worksheet & Answer Key
  • The Perilous Plight of the Pika Case Study Lab & Answer Key
  • Responding to Climate Change Practice Packet & Answer Key
  • Responding to Climate Change Quiz & Answer Key
  • Global Warming Quiz & Answer Key
  • Kyoto Protocol Lesson Plan
  • Kyoto Protocol Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Climate Exam Study Guide
  • Climate Exam & Answer Key

Sources and Uses of Energy Unit

  • Sources and Uses of Energy Lesson Plan
  • Sources and Uses of Energy Reading Comprehension Packet & Answer Key
  • Practical Sources of Energy PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Sources and Uses of Energy Quiz & Answer Key
  • Energy Comparison Packet
  • Efficiency of Fossil Fuels Lab & Answer Key
  • Fossil Fuel Use Lab & Answer Key
  • Dakota Access Pipeline Reading Comprehension Assignment
  • Consequences of Fossil Fuel Use PowerPoint Presentation & Guided Notes
  • Imports and Exports Worksheet & Answer Key
  • Nonrenewable Energy Quiz & Answer Key
  • Oil Spills in History Activity
  • Student-Led Renewable Energy Instruction Project & Rubric
  • Costs and Benefits of Renewable Energy Detailed Review Guide
  • Renewable Energy Review Packet & Answer Key
  • Operation Oil Spill Cleanup PowerPoint Presentation
  • Operation Oil Spill Cleanup Lab
  • Sources and Uses of Energy Unit Exam Study Guide
  • Sources and Uses of Energy Unit Exam Bingo Review Game
  • Sources and Uses of Energy Unit Exam & Answer Key


  • Additional versions of the Sources and Uses of Energy Unit Exam

Grade Levels: 6th – 12th
Total Pages: 335+
Teaching Duration: 3 Months

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